Our YouTube Channel

HiBar Ranch – Home of HiBar Creations & Davis Family Pioneers

We have started a youtube channel and we encourage you all to subscribe to it as we will be videoing all the amazing things we are doing at our pioneer homestead and also capturing the historical activities of Davis family genealogy that is so pervasive in East Tennessee and “Old Virginia Territory.” Click here to get to youtube channel.

Watch a quick 2 min. video to learn about us (we would love for you to subscribe to our channel.).

Meet The Davis Family & Why We Have A New YouTube Channel

Learn about who we are and what we do by taking a tour of our ranch in the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee where we focus on creating beauty and meaning through homesteading. HiBar Ranch is the home to HiBar Creations, the resulting arts and craftsmanship from our fiber, bone, wood, hides, furs and more.

We are an organic farm. We left our lives in industry and went back to the land the way our forefathers did. Our family is one of the first settler families in Tennessee in the 1700s and carved the first paths (Wilderness Trail) with Daniel Boone. Daniel Boone’s descendants are our direct kin.

Follow our journey on farm living, alternative off grid solar solutions, log milling and explore the amazing history of the old Virginia territory pre-American Revolution. You will learn how they did it all in the old days; from cast iron cooking, cooking over wood heat, to making butter and soap and living off the land. We have our own custom log mill and mill all our own lumber and also are in the process of taking our entire farm off grid and on to solar energy. Additionally, we do extensive genealogy and historical deep dives into the 1500-1800s of the pre-Revolutionary and early-colonial South as our family were the earliest of pioneers on the western edge the Virginia Territory and are part of almost every amazing and often misunderstood event in early American history. Many of these amazing historical stories will be revealed on this youtube channel over the coming years along with blogs on this website.

We raise dairy goats (Nigerian Dwarf, Nubian and Alpine), meat goats (Boer) and Navajo Churro sheep for wool and meat. We also raise quarter horses, Australian Shepherds, chickens, bees, ducks and more. We teach old farmstead ways that our ancestors used as we cherish the utilitarian functionality and creative arts of old. We make natural medicines and raise healthy homegrown foods; all traditions and knowledge that is being lost in today’s modern age.

Follow us on our journey in this gorgeous part of the country.