An Eleven Day Journey Into Knowing – Davis Family Pioneers

We have just completed an eleven day quest into engaging our history over five states and it's been amazing. This blog is an overview of that trip with notations of where we will delve deeper, in future blogs, to share the detailed findings and experiences further. Forgotten no longer!! That was the wake up call we got on this trip and what our ancestors are telling us from heaven. I look forward to sharing the details of these events, pieces of history and photographs in the week to come.

Jefferson Davis – Our 3rd Cousin – The Untold Story Of Mixed Race In Early Colonial America

The South was never about the pitting of blacks against whites. It was rather a collection of individuals - some free, some indentured, some slaves and some native to the land pre- "others" - who all melted together into a cohesiveness not yet truly explored within our American roots. Together this made up what is now known of as our Davis clan; a broad and deep mixture of Melungeon (ancient Portuguese/Moor/Middle Eastern), Native American (Powhatan/Cherokee), and European (Welsh/Scots-Irish) that goes back 369 years, to 1650 in America. So, let's begin. Who was Jefferson Davis?