Ancestral Tree

Very old Davis grave hand etched in stone in Augusta County, VA

Davis Family Lineage/Warren Lineage/Middleton Lineage


Our Davis Line – Direct Line is Barnabas Tree, Cousins are Foulk Line and George Line We’ve Married Into (Cunningham and Chaney are key marriages that are numerous)


~ Our Direct Davis Lineage Through Barnabas Line ~

Our Davis lineage is based early on in Wales on our paternal side.

Mike & (Lori Reslock) Davis (1947 – Present) Born in Ione, WA living in Tennessee next to the ancestors. This group Includes Mike’s siblings & all children & grandchildren (we’ve don’t list living family for privacy). *Vietnam Soldier*

Robert Houston (Donna Jean Middleton) Davis (1919-1999) Born and died in Ione, WA

Frank B.(Benjamin Franklin) (Maude Imo VanSickle) Davis (1883-1952) Born Cherokee, KS died Ione, WA*World War I Soldier *– registered for draft 9/12/1918)

Robert Housten (Mosella Etherton) Davis (1855-1931) Born Texas, Died Ione, WA

John R. (Lucinda Cunningham) Davis (1822-1870) Born Roane County, TN Died Bourbon County, KS * Civil War Soldier*

James (Nancy Woods) Davis (1789-1876) Born Pittsylvania County, VA Died Roane County, TN

Jonathan (Elizabeth Chaney) Davis Jr. (1750-1831) Born Pittsylvania, County VA Died Roane County, TN. *Revolutionary War Soldier*

John Wyatt (Jemima Jefferson) Davis (1728-177) Born Augusta Co, VA Died Edgecombe, NC – Ran Plantation for George Jefferson, married Thomas Jefferson’s sister

Robert (Margaret Hughes) Davis (1702-1738) Born Wales, to Middlesex Co, VA died in Florida

Nathaniel (Mary Elizabeth Hughes) Davis (1670-1738) Born Wales, died Engecombe Co, NC, Mary’s mother Princess Nicketti Powhatan *MIGRANT*

Barnabas (Patience James) Davis (1599-1685) Born England, died in Massachusetts *MIGRANT*

James (Cicely Thayer) Davis (1578-1658) Born in England, died in Massachusetts *MIGRANT*

John Davis (1551-1587) Born/Died England

Sir Robert Davis (1507-1559) Born/Died England

Sir James Griffith Davys (1487-1520) Born/Died Wales

Guffudd Davis (1450- )


Warren is our most ancient known bloodline in our family tree on our maternal side and is the bloodline of kings and queens across all of Europe. Scotland, Ireland, France, Germany etc. are all part of this very powerful bloodline.


Middleton is known in our family back to the 1500s and is English on our maternal side.