About Us

Mike and Lori Davis are retired and run an organic farm in the mountains of East Tennessee. With a love for history and family we have embarked on a genealogical journey that will span the rest of our lives. This journey is one of recording our heritage in a way that provides the fidelity necessary to assure our descendants know where they came from and can appreciate the lives they have now. Indeed, the blood of the Davis clan is one of exploration, fearlessness, unfettered determination and resilience which is important to share with our family and serves as a reminder for all of those who came before us. We trust that the grandchildren of this generation of Davis clan will continue this great journey exploring both space and nano-particles, technology and science; knowing that with our family lineage this would make perfect sense. *We intentionally don’t list names of living kin other than Mike and I out of respect for our family’s privacy.

Mike and Lori Davis

Mike Davis has had an extensive career in science and technology with emphasis in alternative energy solutions for the planet. Mike is a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy and served in Vietnam. His professional career is loaded with firsts of his own right, leading the way for solar energy as one of the first experts in solar energy (in 1972) in the United States. Mike was a founder of the Solar Energy Research Institute, stood up the Department of Energy, was the first Assistant Secretary of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy under Bush Sr., was CEO of one of the country’s first global solar companies and was Associate Lab Director for Energy and Environment at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. He retired after serving as CEO for the Peoples Republic of China’s National Institute For Clean and Low Carbon Energy, an arm of Shenhua, the largest consolidated energy company in the world. Mike has been awarded metals for his contributions in Vietnam and received the Gold Star while serving as Assistant Secretary of Energy under George Bush.

Lori Davis started her career in radio and television, being one of eight to launch Marketplace on NPR in 1989 in Long Beach California. Marketplace is considered the most successful radio show in broadcasting history and is the nation’s #1 business news show nationwide. She also worked for Los Angeles’ top jazz and blues radio station doing talent management and marketing. KLON ran the largest Blues festival in America at the time and Lori worked directly with some of America’s top jazz and blues musicians such as The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Buddy Guy, John Lee Hooker, Koko Taylor, Bo Diddley, Etta James, Johnny Winter, Blues Brothers Band, Robert Cray, B.B. King, and more. From radio Lori went into television as a reporter and television producer for Oregon Public Broadcasting and KPTV Channel 12 in Portland Oregon. With a strong media background Lori moved into technology as Oregon began to absorb the Silicon Valley crowd in the early 1990s and technology was beginning to merge with media creating an entirely different and more sophisticated technology industry. Lori ran her own marketing company specializing in rapid global “Go-To-Market” that would enable new/niche best-of-breed tech companies to do an IPO, receive venture funding or be bought by market leaders in the space. She was part of some of tech’s firsts and sales to major players, including Radisys (first embedded computer chip company) positioning for IPO, Unilearn (first interactive learning company) investment funding, Sequent (first Symmetrical Multi-Processing/distributed computing company) sale to IBM, SPL Worldgroup (early product based CIS for utilities with sub company which was one of the world’s first AI Artificial Intelligence companies in the world) positioning for sale to Oracle, META Group’s positioning and sale to #1 technology advisory company, Gartner, and Current Group, the first “smart” sensor of its kind for the US electric grid. Her broad background in strategy, media and global marketing allows her to do freelance journalism and research in retirement as well as run an organic farm. She’s spent her entire career looking forward to determine where society and technology would merge. She loves now looking back and appreciating how far we’ve come and how unappreciated some of the old ways really are.