Two Davis Genealogy Breakthroughs This Week!! Watch & Learn What We’ve Learned

Hi Davis Family Pioneers collective community. Based on your online input and sharing, I’ve been able to piece together two HUGE pieces of the tree. The first is the actual genetic link between Barnabus and Foulk Davis. I knew they were connected because we have DNA in the Barnabus line but have lots of matches in the Foulk line. Tonight I figured it out.

And second, thanks to someone reaching out to me this week, I’ve figured out the lineage of the Davis clan who were massacred at Muddy Creek and how they fit into our overall mega tree.

Watch and learn and provide questions if you have any. Remember to subscribe to our youtube channel so you can be informed of new videos on this topic.

3 thoughts on “Two Davis Genealogy Breakthroughs This Week!! Watch & Learn What We’ve Learned

  1. Hello,
    I found your video informative. My Family were also descended from the pioneers at Muddy Creek Massacre. I am a descendant of Fredrick See. His daughter Elizabeth is a distant grandmother of mine. Elizabeth had a Indian child while captive that later grew up to marry the indian Tacumseh.Her nickname was Big Nancy or her Indian name was Wabeleganequa White Wing Cornstalk. After Elizabeth was released or ransomed from the Indians she married Peter John Shoemaker (my distant grandfather). Its a small world. I’d love to find out more about the settlement in Greenbriar. Thanks for your video on YouTube.


    • Wow! What amazing history you have. Indeed isn’t the Muddy Creek Massacre such an emotional story? The families who recorded the tale bring light to what the western edge of the Virginia frontier was like. Thank you for sharing you background. Truly so much was lost in time with the destruction of the Greenbriar settlement.


  2. Thanks for all the info. I can trace my linage back to Andrew Davis b. 1756 and married to Rachel in Camden, Waxhaw, South Carolina in 1798 He died in Calhoun Co, Alabama in 1848 but I am still searching for Rachel and hope to learn her maiden name. Our family moved west to Arkansas and Texas and lots in both east and west Texas. Joy —-


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