Davis Kin : Check Out The Beautiful Land Of Our Ancestors

Hi all from around the country and world who follow this blog to learn more about our collective ancestry. Yesterday was probably peak foliage here in East Tennessee. I thought you all would love to see how gorgeous this area is where our ancestors carved the first roads and hunted, trapped, stood up pioneer cabins as you see in this video, and more.

I take you along East Millers Cove Road in Walland then we cross over 321 and travel Foothills Parkway through the amazing fog and bust through to the top and have the majestic views of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. I hope you like it.

P.S. – for best viewing when you go to the video on the lower right of the video screen you’ll see a spoked wheel. Click that and see Quality. Make sure that is set at 720p or the video will be blurry and not as pretty.

In tribute to our ancestors – e

With that, enjoy the colors of fall 2020 here in the Smokies of East Tennessee.

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