Today’s Old Ways Virtual Classroom™ Topic: From Pilgrim to Pioneer ~ The Art Of Open Fire Cooking

For those of you who follow our Davis genealogy that covers the extensive Davis “network” of kin that encompassed the western edge of the Virginia frontier, here is our latest Old Ways Virtual Classroom™ topic on open fire cooking in early America. Our ancestors were on the Mayflower and also led the wagon trains across the plains in 1850-1852 during the great migration west to Oregon and the Washington territory. The courage to cross stemmed from a few who went to California for the gold rush in the 1840s. Learn about how open fire cooking evolved and was used in early times of ancestors. And, listen to the ideas you can do with your family to begin to bring them together (all ages) around both the “old ways” and the genealogical adventure which is…the Davis kin & extended family.

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