Old Ways Virtual Classroom™: Today’s Topic – The Harvest Moon

We are beginning an Old Ways Virtual Classroom experience that is free every Friday so people can learn something new that brings them back to the old ways. It is designed to help people reflect on the things of today and think about how these things manifest in days long past. It is our hope that people begin to look back and look forward in a curious and open way. Here’s today’s virtual session.

2 thoughts on “Old Ways Virtual Classroom™: Today’s Topic – The Harvest Moon

  1. Awesome, thanks! Can I watch this any time? I too am related to JonathanbDavis thru James and Rebecca Davis. Jonathan is my 4th ggf and I assume John Wyatt is my 5th ggf. I too have discovered the dna match using thru lines, but I have not been able to find any written proof in the 5 years I have been searching.

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  2. Hi Lori,
    I talked to my aunt yesterday and sent her the link for your site. Through talking to her I found out an answer to your question on which wagon train they came out on. They traveled out in 1868 and followed the Barlow Road down into Clackamas County Oregon where the settled in Estacada. My direct ancestors are buried in the Clackamas County Cemetery. We are buried in the back few rows, indicating that we were some of the first people in that particular area of Oregon.


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