A Tale Of True Love ~ From King Charlemagne to Ancient Shaman Bloodlines In The Deserts Of Israel

No one really believes we can get swept off our feet anymore. I mean really, knights don’t exist. And no, you can’t just drift off into a deep dream and see a wandering wise man, a shaman of sorts, and expect wisdom and transformative lives from such dream swept moments.

Indeed, kings and queens, nobility, knights of a royal order are fairy tales and wandering wise shaman journeymen, profound in their simplicity, are a thing of the imagination.

Or are they?

That’s what I thought.

I am going to tell you a story of true love. You truly won’t believe it. But indeed, I’d give my life if it were a lie. If there is evidence of destiny, this story is it.

Gaelic Love Knot

Many ancient belief systems espouse a higher coupling of destiny and purpose to our pre-ordained lives. Spiritual and transcendental, ethereal at its core. It’s ironic in a way, considering the shortened lives of knights and such due to war and lives cut short due to childbirth.

In our modern era very little “ethereal” or “destiny” notions exist for humans, so enamored with the here and now, earthly, tangibles of stuff and things.

So, this story might be hard for a 21st century mind to grasp or trust; not so much for those who study and believe, like in the days of old, of destiny.

Here we go.

We’ve been doing genealogy and studying our Davis family history all the way back to the 400A.D. period in some of our family lines. We have done this over the course of this last year and have learned much.

But, what we learned last week is truly mind blowing and sends chills through my body every time my husband and I discuss it.

It’s proof, at least to us, of this thing called destiny.

So, let’s go back. My husband and I have been married for eight going on nine years. We married in 2011. We met in 2008, but I didn’t really know him at all. Previous, I lived in New York.

Back in 2005, years before I would ever meet my future husband, I went to a weekend workshop on the coast of Rhode Island. It was a retreat that focused on meditation and prayer. While sitting on the beach in a deep meditation I had a very vivid dream as if it were real life. And, in this experience I could have a conversation and interact.

In this “dream” I was sitting cross legged in the desert at sunset. It was a setting in the Middle East. I am not sure why I knew that at the time. I could just sense it. Sitting across from me as the sky darkened was a man, clothed in a cream linen robe with it covering his head. His head was down and I could see his tanned feet in sandals tucked underneath him. I sat there for a long time just looking at his presence, not seeing his face. It felt as if the time went on forever, but there was great peace there. There was no rush to speak. I sat there as dusk turned to night.

There was a fire pit between us. We both just looked into the fire. I loved how the glow of yellow and orange illuminated the immediate area in this blanket of warm light and how the darkness at the perimeter was pushed back. I could feel the vastness of desert around us but mostly the light of security and protection and wisdom and all things ancient, pouring from this little circle of light. I’d look up at the night sky and see a deep midnight blue, almost purple, so crisp and clear you’d catch your breath. And, all the stars were bright and twinkling as if I’d never truly seen a night sky before that moment. The impact of it all was so profound, it felt grounded in millennia time.

That was all there was on this first visit to this dream. Over the next several days I’d be able to go back to this “dream” and sit with this person and just rest in the peace of it; just sitting in the desert at dusk watching the sun set and the burning of embers and golden glow of firelight as it reflected off the darkness and turned this person’s linen robes into radiant warm golden hues. I probably did this for hours, I don’t know. It was a really long time, except that time disappeared.

Fire In This Place Between Jericho & Jerusalem

Finally in my last meditation over this weekend with this person, I asked him a question, “What is your name?” He slowly looked up from the fire to where I could see his face. All I saw was bright sea green eyes. They were piercing and deep, powerful and full of complete love. He said, “my name is Ishmael.”

I remember the feeling of a bolt of lightening going down my spine. Not in a bad way, but as if the sky and earth just merged in a particle charged way, right through my spine with the top of my head serving as the conductor. If there are exclamation points, in ones life – this was one of them.

I never knew what that all meant. It was simply one of the most energetically charged moments I’d ever experienced. And, I am a left handed twin. So that is saying alot. As people like us, both left handed people and also twins, are highly creative/out of the box-ers. Me, times that by ten. So this was a very charged moment. But, I never knew the point. Not for years. And, really, it doesn’t make sense until now as we learn more.

So, I began to study “Ishmael” and it is quite interesting the role of Ishmael in the Bible. Ishmael is the son of Abraham and his servant Hagar. Sarah was barren and could not conceive, therefore Sarah gave Abraham her servant to bear a child. Later God allowed Sarah to conceive and Isaac was born. Isaac is considered a great miracle in the Bible. So, Ishmael was banished with Hagar, his mother, into the desert. From a historical perspective, Ishmael and Isaac together are the progeny through Abraham of the world’s three largest religions; Ishmael’s descendants are all of Islam while Abraham and Isaac are the line of Jews and Christians. In fact, the most holy and highest esteemed land on planet earth sits in one place and ties to both brothers Isaac and Ishmael, the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. It is on this exact spot where below the Temple Mount on Mount Mariah is the rock on wish Abraham was to sacrifice Isaac but in his trust of the Lord on this task, the Lord sent a ram instead and Isaac was spared. This showed God Abraham’s complete trust in God. Atop this exact spot, is Dome of the Rock where it is said Mohammad ascended into heaven.

My research was very interesting but I had no idea why “Ishmael” was introduced to me in such a powerful “dream” over the course of three days on a beach overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

So, three years pass and I decide to leave New York and go on a job interview at a DOE National Laboratory. I go to the job interview, flying across the country to Eastern Washington state in the desert and do this interview.

I am sitting next to the head of marketing who was recruiting me and sitting across from the Associate Laboratory Director for the lab. He looks at me without speaking and that same bolt of electricity I felt three years earlier literally burned down my spine. It was probably the scariest moment of my life. At that moment, when he looked at me, he had the EXACT eyes of “Ishmael” in the desert. They were a bright sea green with a deep piercing gaze as if he could see right through me. He really never spoke, he just listened to me talk about the energy industry and my background. He just kept looking and watching. It was truly terrifying. It wasn’t because he was mean or bad in any way. It was because I had literally experienced some sort of space/time warp and other worldly thing, that there were no words for and I did NOT understand one iota of what was going on. I spent the rest of the interview inside my head saying, This isn’t happening. That didn’t really just happen. What is going on?

I didn’t like that interview because I didn’t like what had transpired. It didn’t fit into my world view let’s say.

I went back to New York completely ruling out any desire to take this job and let it all die. However, I was offered the job and for family reasons I decided to take it simply because my daughter’s horse had just died. She had just won reserve world champion all around at Appaloosa Worlds. Two weeks after Worlds, her amazing show horse died in her arms. She was ten, not speaking at all, devastated beyond comprehension, and I was scared for her. She wanted to go move to where Appaloosas roamed when they belonged to the Nez Perce Indians. Low and behold the national laboratory was located right next to the Paloose River, where the Appaloosa got its name. So, out of shear fear for my daughter’s state of mind, I left our horse ranch in New York and took her where she could be next to the Paloose River and do cattle drives and try to forget the tragedy of her loss at our horse ranch in New York.

So, I guess in hind sight we can call that “divine directions” as well. I never thought of that before. What’s the chance really? Pretty wierd.

Well, it gets wierder.

I was at the lab and rarely saw the Assistant Laboratory Director which was completely fine by me.

I ended up leaving the laboratory and going back into the private sector in 2009 due to the more innovative stance of tech development and much better compensation. But, I stayed in professional contact with the Assoc. Lab Director, Mike.

I became head of global marketing for an energy tech company based in Washington DC with offices in the US, Europe, South Africa and South America. We had offices in Zurich and I had lots of staff there including my marketing design team and we were rebranding the company so I needed to spend quite a bit of time in Zurich.

I would spend ample time in Switzerland because we had a satellite office in Lenzburg, Switzerland which was the cutest town on the planet and was located at the base of Lenzburg Castle. I LOVED this castle. It was another really powerful place for me. I would work all day then in the evenings wander the grounds of this ancient castle.

Lenzburg Castle, circa 1000 AD, founder Ulrich I Aargau Count Lenzburg

At this point in time, Mike and I were professional peers and friends as I would have him speak at energy industry conferences that we sponsored on the state of “smart grid” from an objective position, as we were the leading “smart grid” company in the market at the time. So, we were periodically in contact though we were in separate cities across the US and separate parts of the energy industry.

One day after work I shuttled up to Lenzburg Castle. And, like the “dream” state I was in years earlier, I had another equally vivid experience at Lenzburg Castle. (This will all make sense soon I promise). Lenzburg Castle is one of the most beautiful castles in Switzerland. It was built over a period of many hundreds of years. So, most of the castle was newer but one part of the castle, probably 5% of the overall castle, was still standing from the original build at around 1000 AD. It was an amazing location, as there was a huge outcropping, that had a rather large cavern-like cut out underneath that you could stand in, and still look out and down at the whole valley plain and Lenzburg village, etc. Above this rock outcropping stood the most ancient part of this castle with walls and archer windows and all looming directly overhead. It was an incredibly powerful spot.

I was sitting in this location July 7, 2010 and all of a sudden I could see and hear a whole battle scene play out around me. It was as if I were surrounded by knights planning in that exact location, a fight. It was more than a fight, it was a war for their entire existence. It was like I was in the middle of the planning. Then I felt the whole scene play out.

Literally in a complete trance almost, I wrote this poem stream of conscience in less than ten minutes. What is so weird is I used words that I didn’t even know what they meant. I mean, I did know the words generally but specifically in this context, not really. So, when I looked the words up later, I was blown away. If there was EVER an example of someone channeling, this would be that moment. Because really, why would you use words that you yourself don’t really have a granular nuanced understanding of in a poem? You wouldn’t. Well I wouldn’t. I am a marketing executive, I take words REALLY seriously and how each word can be internalized in different countries, by different groups, etc. That’s all part of global messaging and my whole career. So yah, words and their usage really matter to me. My fingers were literally just typing, and this poem just poured out. This was the whole poem without edits from the moment I wrote this on my blackberry.

Exact Text: Was noted, “A poem I just wrote under an old rock outcropping at the base of Lenzburg Castle in Switzerland. 1100 AD Castle.”

The oldest part of the castle is to the left and the trees block it but the rock cuts back at the lower left corner, I was standing right under that when I wrote this poem

Warrior’s Tale: A Faithful Knight in Final Battle

Your knights we beseech thee in earnest Lord.

We hear the beckon cry forlorn.

Of peasants and the village men,

All bellowing in times gone dark and grim.

We sense the faltering of our fortified might,

Of the rampart walls from which we fight.

We sense a turbulence deep within,

And question valor and the whim;

Of nation states who do’eth wryth,

In bloodshed battles amidst our cries.

Across the valleys and this fortress mote,

We see a future of which you’ve spoke.

A grand and sensitive valley plain,

Where honor’s legacy doth never wane.

Valor is tested in century time,

And like all medieval memories, lives in a heart like mine.

I feel the gothic creaking tale,

Of noble Lords and people frail;

Who crumble under falling board,

of castle wall and battle sword.

We knights of sacred destiny known,

We enter this rock and vest or valor this morn.

As the sun doth rise across the plain,

We gather our might and we gather our pain.

Tomorrow we beckon our knights around,

And enter the enemy without a sound.

With the quick of the draw, the knife blade quivers,

And with the whisper of the edge, the enemy doth shiver.

Like the blade of summer grass, some nations mend,

And so to this, this day we end.

Our legacy now fortified but with bloodlines deceased,

I question who is the hero and who is the beast.

And though I now wonder in winter’s rain,

Now only a spirit of this great plain;

I am haunted by the raven’s cry;

The day I laid down my sword,

…..the day I died.

~ the end ~

I sent this poem I wrote to Mike immediately after I wrote it. I wasn’t sure why I even sent it to him. I felt like he was supposed to receive it. it never made any sense to me. I was literally overcome by this message and by some divine intervention, I knew it was supposed to be sent to Mike, the lab director.

None of this ever made sense to me for years. I have just always tried to do what I feel the universe is telling me to do and trust that and do it with love. I am not sure what he ever thought of the poem. I never asked him. I just moved on.

Well, it ended up that later, Mike and I started dating and shortly thereafter we got married. We were married the end of the following year.

But, with all those wierd things happening, it never made any sense to me until we started doing genealogy on his family this last nine months.

For those of you who follow our blog, you’ll know Mike’s brother Dick past away a year ago coming up in two weeks. And with that, Mike, as the last relative along with his uncle John, is the only one alive as the oldest generation. His brother, sister, parents, aunts and uncles and nephew and son are all gone. So, he wanted to figure out the family genealogy before he died as a gift to his family’s descendants. But, he couldn’t remember his grandfather’s name because he passed away when Mike was five.

So we began there and what we have learned and what was just discovered last week is beyond comprehension; truly.

Remember how I opened this that knights don’t exist and nobility is a thing of old? Wise shamans in the desert and ancient relics are just that, a relic of the past….and so on.

What if I told you all of that is wrong. This is what we’ve just learned.

First, in terms of Ishmael — we have learned that Mike’s family is Melungeon, an unknown misunderstood race of the early Appalachian mountains in East Tennessee. Legend has it they are a mix of Portuguese, Blacks, Natives and first settlers. It is still a mystery though and is considered the biggest new breakthrough and research area in American genealogy and DNA study. There was a complete group of people that have been left out of early American history and records ENTIRELY!!

First explorers recorded that they were already in the Appalachians upon their arrival. They were known to call themselves the “Lost Tribe of Israel”. They may well have come from ships during Portugese slave trade tied to Roanoke Island. However, what is most interesting is that Melungeons have the highest percentage of persons with a unique six strand set of DNA markers called the “Cohen markers”. These Cohen markers are the bloodline of Aaron and the high priests. They say the DNA is so pure due to the strict policies deployed since ancient times to preserve and protect this “high priest” line of Abraham. In fact, in the Bible it says God “marked” the line of Aaron. DNA is proving that this is in fact very true, through these six Cohen gene markers. Interestingly, the high priests of Israel were from the line of Aaron from the tribe of Levi, descending from Abraham who came from Noah’s son Shem. Ishmael and Isaac are therefore both from the line of Shem through to Abraham. It is interesting to note that the Cherokee say in their ancient legends that their ancestors were high priests that came from Israel by ship after the siege of Jerusalem, and destruction of the temple in 70 AD. We have also learned that Mike’s 25th Great Grandfather was King Faulk, King of Jerusalem in the early 1000 AD. Mike also had the true Melungeon marker of the Anatolian bump on the back of his head (as in Anatolia Turkey where it got its name due to the genetic origination there) and what are known as shovel teeth. He also has similar blood issues as Melungeon and Jewish groups have. Last, if you look at pictures of Melungeon people on the internet you will notice their deep ancient eyes. Abraham Lincoln is said to be melungeon. He is a good example of deep piercing eyes. And Melungeons are known to have bright blue or green eyes while their skin is darker or can color easily in the sun into what is called a “copper” color, beautiful and very Mediterranean like.

There is one other amazing legend and theory that is two pronged that could explain the ancient Jewish connection in Appalachia as well that is equally amazing but I will share below after a new finding that is revealed below.

Our Trip To Israel – My Twin and an Israeli Friend – Notice the Bright Eyes and Olive Skin
Bloodline of Jesus Christ Back To Abraham (Judaism & Christianity Origination)
Muhammad Lineage Back To Ishmael (Islam Origination)

Second – in terms of Knights, Lords and Lenzburg Castle – last week we have just learned so many things in this regard. Mike is a direct descendent of the Kings of Dalraida of Scotland and King Arthur (though legend historians believe he ties to the Dalraida kings). Also, King Faulk, his 25th great grandfather was on the first crusade of the knights who became Knights of Templar and was the funder of them. He then became King of Jerusalem and gave the approval for them to grow and prosper in partnership with Hughes De Payens, first Grand Master of the Knights Templar.

King Arthur – Kings Of Dalriada (Scotland)

And indeed, Mike’s ancestors are not just Lords but he is direct descendent of King Charlemagne and also direct descendant of the Frankish Kings & Queens, The Norman Kings & Queens, The Plantigenets, The Carolingian Kings & Queens, The Marovingian Kings & Queens, The Stewarts, Richard The Bruce and many others. Equally interesting, he is a direct descendent of the St. Claire/Sinclaire line (DaVinci Code line) with his ancestors as the original Lords of Rosslyn Castle in Scotland and the St. Clair castle in France. And, you can’t have amazing stories of Kings and Queens without discussing princesses. None other than the world’s most beloved princess Lady Di is Mike’s cousin. Now we know of two amazing Princesses in our family tree; Lady Di and Princess Nickiti, daughter of Chief Powhatan.

Now are you ready for this? The Lord who built Lenzburg Castle (the oldest part of the castle exactly where I was standing), was the family of King Charlemagne’s wife, Mike’s 36th great grandmother.

Now, I could have stood at any part of that castle, it is huge and covers an entire mountaintop. Yet, I was standing under the oldest part. That was the part built by Mike’s ancestors. And if you go back and read the poem you’ll see it was written from the knight’s perspective talking to their Lord. That Lord was Mike’s family.

How is that for mind blowing!

I saw Mike’s eyes in “Ishmael” in 2005, and we learn he is a descendent of Abraham in 2019. I write a poem from knights to their Lord at a special location (castle) and the exact spot (under the rock outcropping) in 2010 that just happens to be the exact location (the outcropping) in the entire mountain top that his 36th great grandmother’s family BUILT! And thus the “Lord” in the poem is literally Mike’s family.

You really cant make this stuff up. So, I guess the divinity of life and all our ancestors on the other side all pow wowing together now wanted Mike’s family to know his history at this great juncture in life. And, that same divine realm revealed to me a decade before that he was of ancient Abrahamic roots yet also descendent of European Kings and Queens. And last, he was of noble knights and more so, of the sacred knights.

What is so fascinating beyond having this be revealed to me a decade before, is that Mike’s blood line are the three most profound bloodlines on the planet: all merged into one human.

  1. The high priests of Israel
  2. The King of Jerusalem
  3. The Knights who protected the holy land
  4. Well, there’s a fourth – the St. Clair line – the bloodline of the holy grail itself (is that chalice keepers of the cup Jesus drank from at the last supper, or is chalice “the womb”…and bloodline of Christ?). A mystery we will never solve but for believers in Christ we already have Christ as our father regardless. But, yes — he is a direct descendent of the St.Claire/Sinclairs of Rosslyn.

Say what?

Is that why King Faulk Anjou King of Jerusalem (Mike’s 25th Great Grandfather) is buried at Church of the Holy Sepulcher where Jesus died on the cross, was buried and rose again?

Now, are you ready for the other theory / legend that is two pronged I mentioned further above tied to Melungeons? Are you into DaVinci Code type notions? Legend has it that Henry I Sinclair, Earl of Orkney who built the Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland so famous in the DaVinci Code in fact discovered America 100 years before Columbus. The Chapel was built by Henry Sinclair in the 1400s and there are very unique carvings in it, one of which is of maise (corn). At that time no one knew anything of corn. Corn was not discovered until first colonists landed in the Americas and were taught of maise from the Native Americans. Legend has it that Sinclair was the first discoverer of both Greenland and North America coming by ship and then went back to Europe. And he learned much from the Native Americans during his voyage and thus had corn carved into mid 14th century Rosslyn Chapel 200 years before the Mayflower ever landed in early colonial America. If this, along with all the Knights Templar Rosslyn notions are true, it would explain why Washington DC has all the symbolism embedded in its design and layout as it does. Interesting thoughts to say the least.

If you want to learn more about Rosslyn Chapel it is one of the strangest and most mysterious places on earth. There is sacred geometry and unique musical notes embedded in the artwork figured out hundreds of years later for a special meaning. There are musical sounds that radiate through the chapel to form unique “vibrational” effects. There is deep iconic symbolism tied to Knights Templar and freemasonry. And, there is legend that the treasures of King Solomon are buried under this chapel in an extensive cave system. Here is a link to learn more about this most profound and deeply mysterious location our ancestors built:

So are you ready for one more plot twist?

According to legend, the Templars fled to Scotland and took up residence there once they were being persecuted by the Catholic Church. They had rapidly grown very powerful and wealthy after their establishment in the early 1000 AD. They quickly became a threat to the Catholic Church. Why Scotland? Well, Scotland’s King Robert the Bruce had once murdered one of his rivals in a church and, as a consequence, had been excommunicated. Scotland was therefore one of the few places in Europe where the writ of the Papacy did not run. The founder of the Templar order, Hugo de Payns, had also been married to Catherine de St Clair of Roslin Chapel (our lineage) so the order had historical connections to Scotland. According to the legend, the Templars then put down roots in their new country. This might well explain why Henry Sinclair may have voyaged to the Americas in the 1400s and some of his Knights Templar may have stayed and hid in the mountains as the Jesuits did in Argentina during persecution.

So, continuing on, I have mentioned that my husband’s family is direct descendants of King Robert the Bruce and the St. Clairs of Rosslyn Chapel. Mike’s brother Dick married a “Payne”. Her Payne line is the descendent of Hugo (Hughes) de Payns or Payens (spelled either way). So the descendent of the founder of Knights Templar our sister in law, married our St. Clair line, Mike’s brother. This Hughes de Payens was also the one who oversaw the excavation under Solomon’s Temple by the Knights Templar. So what did he find really? And what really is buried under Rosslyn Chapel?

And how the heck can our whole family be so interconnected to Jerusalem? In fact, Hughes de Payens died in Jerusalem and was friends with our King Faulk King of Jerusalem as together they were on the first cruisader expedition and Faulk funded the knights that Payens started and allowed the excavations in the 1100s AD. Seriously, what’s the chance?

Yep, we just figured this all out last week.

Who would have imagined that my future husband would have Abrahamic bloodlines (that of Ishmael) while also being a descendent of the builder and Lord of the castle, under which I stood to write that poem? What are the chances that I’d have two “reveals” through my dreams a full DECADE or more before the full “reveal” through our journey into genealogy, DNA testing and a deep study of history. I didn’t even know the guy, for goodness sakes.


So I started this blog with this…..

No one really believes we can get swept off our feet anymore. I mean really, knights don’t exist. And no, you can’t just drift off into a deep dream and see a wandering wise man, a shaman of sorts, and expect wisdom and transformative lives from such dream swept moments.

Indeed, kings and queens, nobility, knights of a royal order are fairy tales and wondering wise shaman journeymen, profound in their simplicity, are a thing of the imagination.

My take away?

If we all forget our history or never learn it then the above is true. No one will believe that which we do not know. Information without fact is simply hypothetical and/or imagination thus the realm of “fairytales.” But, when we learn our history, when we get the facts, when we listen to our spirits as we openly search for both knowing and understanding, the universe actually delivers some really powerful stuff; some ethereal stuff in really amazing and transformative ways.

So, do you believe in destiny?……

Can the universe guide us to our true love?……

If we stop and listen, feel and create….what pours out through soul…….what might we be shown?

I believe in destiny now.

I believe that there are sacred places and sacred paths now.

I believe that not only is Mike the love of my life, but we were meant to be together.

I believe Mike’s family was supposed to learn their ancient history for a purpose we do not yet truly or fully comprehend.

And last I believe without any doubt, Mike and I are divinely blessed.

I say to Mike that when I die I’d like him to simply spread my ashes over our farm and have a sign made that says this:

“Once upon a time, a boy met a girl. They fell in love. And, it was the greatest love story in the history of the world.”

Mike and I are a truly great love story. But, I have to say, Mike’s brother Dick who just passed away….it must be true that he and his bride are also one of the world’s great love stories. Because, as we have just learned, the lives of their ancestors have been entwined for 1020 years.

Maybe that is what Dick and all our ancestors in heaven want our family to know.

In closing, I am living my fairy tale, with my noble sacred and holy knight, a wise shaman of ancient lineage with deep penetrating eyes who is faithful in all the ancient ways.

As I stated in my poem, “We knights of sacred destiny known”. Well, we now know what that means in terms of his ancestor’s sacred destiny of this unique group of knights. My poem also said…..”Our legacy now fortified but with bloodlines deceased”. We also know this too, a decade later. My husband’s family legacy and bloodlines will no longer be deceased, as they are no longer forgotten or unknown but rather will be shared with our family’s children for generations to come.

What an amazing journey we are on of destiny, providence and faith that spans over the last 1500 years and hopefully many years beyond our lifetimes now that we truly can know, honor and preserve our cultural and historical heritage.

Our Davis Family Pioneers tagline is +faith+family+frontier+fidelity. Our history marks some of history’s greatest mysteries and discoveries and I am sure there will be many more amazing “reveals” to come as we voyage further into our quest of “knowing”.

~ the end ~

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