Davis Lineage ~ The Amazing Story Of Our Ancestral History (570 years explained)

My husband and I began a genealogical journey into our family tree recently to understand where he and his brother and sister came from and what the family history is. While I married in to the family tree, I believe it is paramount for us to capture and preserve this history for generations to come. It is a historical fact this role of the family record keeper was kept by the mother and passed down through the family Bible where the written record and oral history was stored. Thus, though I am not blood and appreciate that, it has been my goal to record the Davis family history for our grandkids, our nieces and nephews and their kids, for generations to come.

It is an honor to do so and a fascinating history into the formation of our family, this great nation, Indian nations and Kings and Queens throughout Europe, high priests (line of Aaron) of the tribe of Israel and the holy knights of Templar. Truly our history has surpassed any great novel in terms of its intrigue and twists and turns. Kings, Queens, slave master and slave, white, black, Native American, Portuguese, Jewish, Scots Irish, English, Welsh and American. We are all one family in the end. So, how did we get to this place in human history?

Let’s begin.

After extensive research and testing we can confirm the following three of our four family trees. I have built a diagram to help us understand our macro orientation of “bloodlines” of our family lineage.

Davis – Van Sickle – Middleton – Warren Bloodlines

There is so much more we will blog about over time, particularly the amazing research we are learning about the ancientness of the Melungeon history. It appears when looking at oral history, combined with our DNA testing along with medical and physical evidence, there is distinct truth to the fact that the Melungeon people originate from an ancient group of high priests of the line of Aaron that escaped Jerusalem during it’s destruction in early history. This, married with early Moors who were brought here in Portuguese slave vessels pre-colonialization, serves as the genetic mix that gets us to the Melungeon people who were recorded as present in the South before the first white explorers. Moors are ancient northern Africans, some from Turkey who migrated to Spain and Portugal. Their history is fascinating to say the least. We will get into this more over time in great detail. However, this mix of bloodlines may well be the ancient bloodlines of the native Indians such as Cherokee we see today in modern colonial to present periods on American soil. Cherokee customs surprisingly match in over two dozen ways, the habits, rituals and customs of ancient Israel. Amazing! This should not preclude however the most amazing facts in more contemporary period for the Davis line where our ancestors married the princess to the leader of the Powhatan people, the First Nation the colonialists met when arriving to America. Thus not only are the Davis side Melungeon, but Native American. This can not preclude the amazing reality that our Davis line is also descended from what appears to be Jefferson family slaves or indentured servants (yes THAT Monticello Jefferson line.) Wow. That is just one of our four family lines.

Moving on to Middleton and Warren bloodlines, it is equally fascinating. We are skipping Van Sickle for the time being due to lack of information as to the history of this line pre-1760. We have DNA confirmation that the Middleton line of our family are the direct descendants of the Kings of Dalriada, the royal bloodline of Scotland and the line of King Arthur. While it is told that King Arthur is mere legend, information on the ground reveals quite a different story. We will be blogging about that in later times as well. While King Arthur was in 600-700 AD period, the Knights of Templar who were modeled off of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table emerged in 1000AD. Are they of the same bloodline or merely linking to the lofty ness of such nobility? We will research this further in our journey.

On the Warren side of our family, we are also direct descendants of King Charlemagne and the Franks, Merovingians and Carolingian Kings and Queens of Europe. There is so much to blog about in this part of our tree in times to come.

Hopefully the above sets context for the bloodlines of our family. I’d like to now begin to move from the 40,000 foot of the “who” to the “what” and “why” of our family journey.

I have developed two slides that you work through going from right to left – past to present. It captures the Davis line specifically, who the lineage is, where they lived, what they did and interesting facts.

1400s through to 1700s Davis Lineage
1700s through to Contemporary Time Davis Lineage

As someone who has spent most of her career studying cycle times of society and the use of technologies to enable progress, I tend to model complex systems graphically. So, there are many pieces of information to the above graphics. First, we will work with the 1400s through to 1700s. The blue dot you see is our direct lineage. This blue dot carries through the full timeline that spans two slides. For information sake, I have yet to do the research to understand too much about what the Davis line did in the 1400-1500s. We do know that Barnabas, our ancestor who first came to the colonies was a tallow chandler – a maker of candles. This was the profession in England and also in the colonies. You can see that his son was a trader who married the daughter (half Indian) of Princess Nicketti of the Powhatan and Trapper John Hughes. Then moving on we see that our ancestors married into the Jefferson family (likely indentured servant or slave). This would not be unusual if our ancestors were already part Native American and early into colonial lands where indigenous persons of the female sort were the only women around. It is important to remember that early in the establishment of the colonies, only men came, not women. Marriages and relations with indigenous women was very common. It is part of the amazing story of race that hasn’t been well recorded or appreciated, to be honest. Moving on toward contemporary times, you see that the Davis line begins to move west as the Cumberland Gap opens up and travelers are in a position to move to new territories. Our Davis line was part of this group. Due to the amount of Native American in our family, it is likely no coincidence that the migration out of North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee is tied into the same window of time as the Trail of Tears. Our ancestors move into Tennessee from Pittsylvania Virginia/North Carolina border, then head through the Gap into Cherokee Kansas while it was still Indian Territory and then proceed over time to move into the Washington Territory before it was even a state.

That is the journey of our ancestors and looking again at the graphics you see the roles they served during these periods of time. When one aggregates up the “periods”, it is interesting to see for the first slide we are witnessing the British “conquest” / “imperialistic” model of exploration and land acquisition. Moving into slide two you begin to see the new American model of “freedom” versus imperialism in that individuals need not be indentured servants but could seek out opportunity, own land, build families and experience upward mobility. In previous periods, upward mobility to reach the height of “nobility” was not attainable unless one was blessed with noble blood. Additionally, in the imperialistic model, the “bloodlines/elites” where granted favors and access to first lands/parcels based on the overall design that favored the imperialists.

The slides are interesting too in that they capture the “motivations” of the masses of which the Davis clan was part. The notion of “persecution versus opportunity” as motivations for behavior are key to understanding migration in general. What is not discussed in the slide but is absolutely true was our ancestors during the earliest periods were dealing with significant religious persecution in England. In fact, more contemporary Scots Irish ended up in Ireland and Scotland due to persecution in England from which they fled. This is why the Scots Irish were such galant fighters against the British in the American Revolution. They knew better than to trust the British and were already persecuted severely in Europe and had to flee.

Thus, the story of “migration” in search of opportunity while moving away from persecution is the essence of the story of the masses for 1000s of years. Additionally, the cornerstone of the story of division was never about color as much as it was about the nobility versus the masses. Rise and Fall of Nations is a good book to read. Will there always be imperialism and conquest? Maybe. But those are the distractions to that which unifies us all. We all are part of a collective of colors, events and periods in time that shape our family tree. We live, we love and we try to move from the notion of survive to thrive. We all move away from persecution and towards opportunity and that is the essence of “freedom”. That is what this nation was built on and it a major turning point in the history of civilization. In our family I can say looking over 470 years it is quite fascinating and a more accurate depiction of reality than we are taught in our history books.

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